Have Your Own Canoe or Kayak
Need a shuttle?


The Russian River has few access points in the first 10 miles downstream of Healdsburg. We are licensed and have a permit to gain access to the Wohler Bridge area. There are rules imposed on us that we must follow.  No vehicles are allowed inside the gate unless a member of our staff drives it in.

We can provide limited shuttle service when possible to people who abide by our terms: Please bring an extra set of keys.  You MUST launch by 11:30 AM (no exceptions). Do not be the first person or the last person off of the river that day.  We come to the river for RRA guests.

What kind of boat you paddle is important.  We will only shuttle cars of people whose boats are deemed safe and appropriate.  Approved boats: Hard shell canoes and kayaks, quality brand inflatable kayaks.  Non-approved boats: No rafts no matter how good the quality. No cheapo inflatables, no air mattresses or innertubes or water toys.

We reserve the right to refuse any one’s car shuttle for any reason, even after you have consigned us your car, if we deem that you will be a liability to us or to those you are with.

Option #1: Park at our office and while you are on the river, we can drive your vehicle down to the Wohler Bridge takeout into a gated locked parking area. $40 per car.  Reservations required. Subject to availability.

Scene Wohler Bridge 864 x 4382





Option #2: Park at our office, take your watercraft to the river and we will guarantee you 1 space in our return shuttle to the office. You then return to the Wohler Bridge takeout to retrieve your watercraft and passengers. $20.00 / weekday   $25.00 / weekend
Reservations required. Subject to availability.