Morning Car Shuttle

Here is how it works:

  • Arrive at our office with your group between 9 am and 915.
  • Check-in, prepare you gear, lunch etc
  • Beginning at 930 and no later thatn 940, 1 person in your group will drive your car to our Wohler Bridge take-out.  You will meet our large shuttle van.
  • At 10 am, two things will happen simultaneously:  The large shuttle van will leave the Wohler Bridge take-out and take all your driver and others directly to the river.
  • At the same 10 am time, the people in your group will go to the river and meet up with your driver, and begin your adventure
  • Cost $30 per car

Note:  It is VERY important to arrive on time and stick to our schedule.

Car Shuttle

Here is how it works:

  • Arrive at our office with your group between 930 and 1030
  • Check in, prepare your gear, lunch, etc
  • Leave your keys at the check-in before heading to the river.
  • Your car will be shuttled by one of our team members while you enjoy your time on the river
  • Cost: $40 per car

E-Bike Adventure

E-Bikes are super fun.  You will be smiling the whole 10 miles back.  There are 2 routes to choose from: either Eastside Road or Westside Road.

  • Eastside is a little faster and less scenic, but more direct. Time back is about 35 minutes.
  • Westside Road is one of the most scenic in all of Sonoma County.  The road is a bit more winding.  Time back is about 40 minutes.  There are wineries along Westside Road. Some close at 4 pm, others at 5 pm.
  • Cost: $119 per person

NOTE:  All E-bikes must return to our Healdsburg address no later than 530 pm.  Late arrivals will be charged an additional $25 per bike.  At 6 pm and every half hour after, a $25 charge will be incurred.

No Shuttle

Arrive at our office to check in between 930 and 1030 am.  You are responsible for making your own arrangements once you reach the Wohler Bridge. Here are some of the arrangements you can make:

  • If you know someone local, arrange for them to pick you up
  • You are spending the day on the river with friends who are having their car shuttled, and will take you back to our office to get your car.
  • Call Lyft.  Arrange ahead of time is better.  Uber does not come to the Wohler Bridge take out.
  • Arrange your own car shuttle with others in your group. Beginning October 1, the Wohler Bridge parking lot will be open to the public.  There is a $7 day self-pay charge to leave your car . Failure to pay the parking fee will result in a hefty fine from Sonoma County Regional Parks. ticket.