Self-Guided Rafting Through Vineyards & Redwoods


Memorial Beach to Wohler Bridge

9 Miles
4 - 6 Hours


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Memorial Beach to Crow Bar

3.5 Miles
1-1/2 - 3 Hours



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2021 is a crazy year!!  As the state begins to open, we are relaxing a few of your Covid-19 protocols.  We still want to ensure the well-being of our guests and employees, and minimize the risk of exposure and expansion of the virus.

Sonoma County and the rest of Caliornia is in a serous historical drought, but we have plenty of water to float in our part of the Russian River.  Levels will be low in some spots, but for the most part, our guests will float high above the river bed.

Toxic blue-green algae has begun to emerge in the Russian River. It can be fatal to dogs.  Until mid-July we expect levels of the algae to remain low and virtually undetectable.  After mid-July, levels will rise and dog owners must take care.  Alway exercise Healthy Water Habits.

There is a reason we are the best river adventure on the river. We are honored that you choose us, and we will work hard for you to have an amazing day with friends and loved ones on the river.


A message from Larry Laba

Welcome to our 21st year of offering the best trip on the Russian River. 2020, the first year of the Covid pandemic, taught us many valuable lessons. First, we have always understood the power that a river has on people's psyche, but last year we witnessed that power of healing, the strong need that people have to connect with nature after having been cooped up inside for so long. The gratitude that we were shown for our how we kept everyone safe was overwhelming at times. Because we, as humans, have been forced to give up touching and hugging, being outdoors, being in touch with nature, and especially the flow of the river has reignited people's lives and passion.

We learned the river knows no virus, knows no walls, knows no sadness. The Russian River is an escape into a wild jungle. Stay quiet, and you will heard a myriad of bird calls. Stop paddling, listen, you might here absolutely nothing. Search the distant trees along the river banks for unusual shapes; it might be an eagle or an osprey. Will your eyes be quick enough to see turtles before they kerplunk into the water from logs? The river is here to bring you joy, to smile, to cool your body and soothe your spirit.

Last year we learned to adapt and be flexible. We were forced tocancel our Half Day Adventure, and sadly it is cancelled this year, too. . To avoid crowding onto buses and vans, we will be using e-bikes, and offering car shuttles. We will stagger morning departures, offer consistently sanitized gear, wear face masks in close proximity to others. There will be at least half the number of people on the river, and you will feel like you have the world to yourself. On behalf of all of our employees, we wish you well, and we welcome you with open arms to our 21st season on the Russian River.

Only 70 mi from San Francisco!

  • The most secluded section of Russian River – No buildings, no roads, no nothing.
  • Inflatable canoes are more comfortable, more stable, more fun!
  • The best section on the Russian River for seeing birds and wildlife!
  • Less paddle time, more time to play in the water, or to hang out on a gravel bar.
  • The best family experience on the river.
  • We do not overcrowd the river with hundreds of loud, metal canoes.
  • Owned and operated by a veteran river rat!

  • SOAR Inflatable canoe
  • 2 paddles
  • PFD’s (Life jackets) for all passengers
  • 1 dry bag per canoe to keep your personal articles dry
  • 15 minute pre-trip riverside orientation
  • Three different shuttle options
  • Rinse station, bathrooms and changing facilities at our location

  • Picnic lunch and beverages. Addition snacks recommended.  No Styrofoam coolers allowed.
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Water shoes, aqua socks, or tennis shoes. Do not go barefoot!  Flip flops not recommended!
  • Swim suit, Shorts, T-Shirt   Jeans not recommended.
  • Towels: During the hot summer months, we recommend you leave your towel in the car for when you return.

If you have forgotten anything when you arrive at our office, we either have it for you or can tell you how to quickly get it!

We offer most of the necessary gear including: water socks, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses and straps for glasses, ball caps, wide-brim hats, towels, doggie life jackets!

SOAR canoes can hold an ice chest up to 45 quarts, so bring a cooler w/good sandwiches and your favorite beverages.  (NO STYROFOAM, please)

The closest market to us is the Memorial Beach Market, just around the corner.  Place an online order with them in advance, and have it ready when you arrive. They can whip up a delicious, fresh deli sandwich, plus it’s a convenient place for drinks, beer, water, ice, snacks and more!  Save time waiting at the market and order your sandwiches in advance here! There are other great places in Healdsburg to pick up lunch too!

Bring your own coolers, otherwise we have Eco coolers (16qt) available for purchase. No loaner coolers available and NO Styrofoam coolers allowed.