Memorial Beach to
Crow Bar

4  Miles
1-1/2 – 4 Hours

Check-In 10:30 AM –  12 PM

Adults (13 and up) – $75

Kids (12 and under) – $35

Dogs – $15

Only 70 mi from San Francisco!

 2022 Mid-Season Report

Our easy Memorial Beach to Crow Bar trip is about Fun and Adventure, Sonoma-style.   You will have a ton of fun without much physical effort.

All guests are surprised how much water is in the river right now!!  Despite a myriad of reports about the drought,  two main factors make our Memorial Beach to Crow Bar trip  so enjoyable and fun:  The first is that Dry Creek flows into the river a mile downstream of our  launch spot.  Dry Creek adds more than double the amount of water already in the river. The 2nd is the narrow riverbed most of the way down our stretch.  The narrower the river bed, the deeper the water.  The river is not deep, but there is plenty of water to recreate, swim and play!  There are many beaches along the way to pull over and cool off!

The owner of our Crow Bar take-out has agreed to allow dogs. This is great news as we have missed seeing so many dogs on the river this year.  However, as we move deeper into summer, the risk of toxic blue-green algae is on the rise.  BGA can be deadly to dogs who ingest it.  The likelihood of a dog being poisoned by BGA is small, but BGA does exist in the water, and dog owners who want to bring their dogs to the river are encouraged to use Healthy Water Habits.

This is a phenomenal outdoor experience for EVEYRYONE to get out of the house, away from technology,  and ENJOY NATURE and EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF BEING ON A RIVER.

One last high note:  After 22 years of putting “Butts in Boats”, we are now putting “Butts on Bikes”….E-bikes that is!   Our new “Game Changer E-bike Tour” is guided, and takes about 3 hours to complete the loop. If you have never ridden an e-bike, now is your chance!  A morning guided e-bike ride around the Russian River valley, and then an afternoon float down the river.  Come have fun again, Sonoma-style!

We are putting the fun back in adventure!

On behalf of all of our employees, many who return to RRA year after year, thanks for coming out, and we hope everyone has a safe summer.


Why Choose Russian River Adventures?

  • The most secluded section of Russian River – No buildings, no roads, no nothing.
  • Inflatable canoes are more comfortable, more stable, more fun!
  • The best section on the Russian River for seeing birds and wildlife!
  • Less paddle time, more time to play in the water, or to hang out on a gravel bar.
  • The best family experience on the river.
  • We do not overcrowd the river with hundreds of loud, metal canoes.
  • Owned and operated by a veteran river rat!

What We Provide

  • SOAR Inflatable canoe
  • 2 paddles
  • PFD’s (Life jackets) for all passengers
  • 1 dry bag per canoe to keep your personal articles dry
  • 15 minute pre-trip riverside orientation
  • A return shuttle to our office
  • Rinse station, bathrooms and changing facilities at our location

Necessary Gear / Checklist

  • Picnic lunch and beverages. Addition snacks recommended.  No Styrofoam coolers allowed.
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Water shoes, aqua socks, or tennis shoes. Do not go barefoot!  Flip flops not recommended!
  • Swim suit, Shorts, T-Shirt   Jeans not recommended.
  • Towels: During the hot summer months, we recommend you leave your towel in the car for when you return.

River Gear Store

If you have forgotten anything when you arrive at our office, we either have it for you or can tell you how to quickly get it!

We offer most of the necessary gear including: water socks, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses and straps for glasses, ball caps, wide-brim hats, towels!

Pack a Picnic Or Have a Picnic Prepared For You!

SOAR canoes can hold an ice chest up to 45 quarts, so bring a cooler w/good sandwiches and your favorite beverages.  (NO STYROFOAM, please)

The closest market to us is the Memorial Beach Market, just around the corner.  Place an online order with them in advance, and have it ready when you arrive. They can whip up a delicious, fresh deli sandwich, plus it’s a convenient place for drinks, beer, water, ice, snacks and more!  Save time waiting at the market and order your sandwiches in advance here! There are other great places in Healdsburg to pick up lunch too!

Bring your own coolers, otherwise we have Eco coolers (16qt) available for purchase and loaner coolers are also available.  NO Styrofoam coolers allowed.