Memorial Beach
Wohler Bridge


9  Miles

3-1/2 to 6 hours in Summer

Check-In 9:30 AM –  10:30 AM
Adults (13 and up) – $75
Kids (12 and under) – $35
Dogs – $15



Memorial Beach
Crow Bar


4 Miles

1-1/2 to 3 hours in Summer

Check-In 12:30 PM –  1:00 PM
Adults (13 and up) – $75
Kids (12 and under) – $35
Dogs – $15


Only 70 mi from San Francisco!

 2023 Fall Season River Report

We have had a wonderful summer with great river flows due to our record-setting winter rains.  The great flows continue throughout the fall season.

We will continue to run both our Full Day and Half Day trips 7 days a week with advance online reservations through the end of October. Walk-ins are welcome, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

ALL Trips are Dog-Friendly! Now that most grapes have been picked, we have permission from the Half Day Crow Bar land owner to allow dogs!!

On warm days, our guests are still swimming, and the river is safe for everyone!  Our scenic Middle Reach section has it all:  fun twists and turns in the river, lots of beaches for swimming and picnicking, abundant birds, fish and wildlife, lots of clear pools for floating, and best of all, very few signs of civilization.  Come get away from it all!

This is truly fun Sonoma-style!

This is a phenomenal outdoor experience for EVEYRYONE to get out of the house, away from technology,  to ENJOY NATURE and EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF BEING ON A RIVER.

E-BIKES:  After 22 years of putting “Butts in Boats”, we are now putting “Butts on Bikes”….E-bikes that is!   Our “Game Changer E-bike Tour” is phenomenal, and getting rave reviews.  Guided by our local expert Bruce, our guests learn quickly how much fun it is to ride an electric bike.  We use bluetooth mesh connected helmets, so everyone communicates while they ride.  This spring there will be an amazing array of wildflowers along our back roads route.  You will even get a chance to taste a little wine  (no extra charge!) at a beautiful winery.  So, if you have never ridden an e-bike, now is your chance!    Sign up now!

We are putting the fun back in adventure!

On behalf of all of our employees, many who return to RRA year after year, thanks for coming down the river.

Why Choose Russian River Adventures?

  • The most secluded section of Russian River – No buildings, no roads, no nothing.
  • Inflatable canoes are more comfortable, more stable, more fun!
  • The best section on the Russian River for seeing birds and wildlife!
  • Less paddle time, more time to play in the water, or to hang out on a gravel bar.
  • The best family experience on the river.
  • We do not overcrowd the river with hundreds of loud, metal canoes.
  • Owned and operated by a veteran river rat!

What We Provide

  • SOAR Inflatable canoe
  • 2 paddles
  • PFD’s (Life jackets) for all passengers
  • 1 dry bag per canoe to keep your personal articles dry
  • 15 minute pre-trip riverside orientation
  • A return shuttle to our office
  • Rinse station, bathrooms and changing facilities at our location

Necessary Gear / Checklist

  • Picnic lunch and beverages. Addition snacks recommended.  No Styrofoam coolers allowed.
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Water shoes, aqua socks, or tennis shoes. Do not go barefoot!  Flip flops not recommended!
  • Swim suit, Shorts, T-Shirt   Jeans not recommended.
  • Towels: During the hot summer months, we recommend you leave your towel in the car for when you return.

River Gear Store

If you have forgotten anything when you arrive at our office, we either have it for you or can tell you how to quickly get it!

We offer most of the necessary gear including: water socks, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses and straps for glasses, ball caps, wide-brim hats, towels!

Pack a Picnic Or Have a Picnic Prepared For You!

SOAR canoes can hold an ice chest up to 45 quarts, so bring a cooler w/good sandwiches and your favorite beverages.  (NO STYROFOAM, please)

The closest market to us is the Memorial Beach Market, has a new owner.  They are not making sandwiches to order any more.  We like Quail & Condor, Cousteaux, Oakville Grocer.  There are other great places in Healdsburg to pick up lunch too!

Bring your own coolers, otherwise we have Eco coolers (16qt) available for purchase and loaner coolers are also available.  NO Styrofoam coolers allowed.

Return Shuttles

We do our best to provide  timely return shuttles at the end of your trip.  Occasionally wait times can be 30 minutes or a bit more.  We ask for your patience as we strive to do our best to serve you.

Cancellation Policy

For Monday – Friday reservations, refunds are possible if cancellation is made before 5 pm the day before the reservation date.

For weekend reservations, refunds are possible if cancellation is made before 5 pm on Thursday before the coming weekend.

For groups of 8 or more cancellations must be made 7 days prior to your departure, cancellations made less than 7 days prior will be subject to a 10% per person cancellation fee.

In case of rain or bad weather, there will be no refunds.  We will issue a rain check for a later date of your choosing.

No shows – If you book a reservation and you or someone in your group do not show up and do not cancel, there will be no refund.

Refunds will be for the inflatable canoe rental, the 5% booking fee is non-refundable.

The Don'ts

We have a few rules that all participants must abide by.  These rules are meant to keep all of our guests and our equipment safe, and ensures our smooth running operation.
Thank you for your understanding.

  •  Leave all rope at home or in your car. Do not bring rope with you on the river.  Rope is inherently dangerous if it goes in the water.
  • Do not attach boats together side-by-side with rope.
  • Leave your towables at home or in your car.  Do not attach any kind of floating tube, toy, cooler or board to the back of the boat.
  • Do not wear jeans.  They are uncomfortable and heavy when wet.
  • Do not go barefoot.
  • Styrofoam coolers are not allowed.
  • Barbeques or any kind of cooking stoves are not allowed.
  • Do not quit your trip before the end. There is a $150 per canoe fee to rescue you and your SOAR canoe.
  • Do not abandon your boat on the river under any circumstance. There will be a $150 per canoe recovery fee.