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River time is…


… Getting relaxed in your SOAR canoe, putting your feet up on the tubes, and letting the river’s gentle current carry you over it’s beautiful cobble.
… Laying across the tubes while your paddling partner occasionally steers the SOAR Canoe.
…Being quiet.  Listen to the river as it moves.  Listen to the sounds in the trees, and in the wind.
… Watching for birds, turtles, fish and wildlife.  The bio-diversity of the Russian River is amazing.  From neon-colored dragonflies to tiny frogs to fish up to 3 feet long to a large variety of bird life to river otter,  you never know when you will encounter something that makes its home close by.
… Cooling off in some of the many refreshing swimming holes along the way.
… The very intimate feel of this section of the Russian.
… Wandering among giant redwoods a short distance from the river.

RRA9  P1000271

Dads & Daughters Group Pic