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Do I have to sign a liability release?

Everyone will need to sign a liability release in order to take our trip. Parents / Guardians will need to sign for people in your group under the age of 18. Our liability release can be printed and signed before the trip to save time.

Do you have age / weight / non-swimmer restrictions?

SOAR Canoes are safe, comfortable and forgiving for the WHOLE family. There must be at least one good swimmer per inflatable canoe for each non-swimmer.  We provide quality, Coast Guard approved life vests for everyone. The only time there are any age/weight restrictions would be on the Pedal and Paddle trip.

I have never been on a canoe before, Can I handle this?

SOAR’s work kind of like bumper boats, you’ll bounce off of things without risk of tipping your canoe and people generally get the hang of paddling fairly quickly. We’ll give you some paddling tips at the beginning of the trip to help you along

Are you open all year round?

Our trips are weather / water dependent. Typically we are open from Mid April until the end of October for our river trips. Our E-Bike trips will be available more

What time must I arrive?

Check-in for our trip begins at 10:30 am and ends at 1:00 pm. We encourage our guests to arrive on time.  If you arrive late, we might not be able to accommodate you.  Please call us if you are running late.

How long is the trip?

Our trip is 3.5 river miles long. It can be completed in as little as 1 hour. Trip time is dependent upon how quickly you paddle and how often you stop. On average our guests take 3 hours to complete this trip.

What kind of physical shape do I need to be in?

We think a person should be in somewhat good physical condition. Paddling your SOAR canoe involves some physical effort to move the boat forward in slower sections, and to read the river and turn the boat properly in places where there is current and obstacles. Besides being physically fit, most of our guests come here wanting to experience a relatively easy outdoor adventure in a beautiful environment. We have many first timers of all physical abilities that come down the river every year, everybody gets down the river and everyone has a blast! Come with the right attitude and you’ll have a great day.

What age is considered a kid and what age is considered an adult?

Any child from 2 months (yes, we’ve had toddlers this young) to 12 yrs 364 days old is considered a kid and pays the kid rate.  Anyone of the age 13 and up pays the adult rate.

What happens if I say my 13 (or 14 or 15) yr old is actually 12?

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We understand there is a big difference in price between the kid rate and an adult rate, but little kids become big kids, and they have to pay the adult rate. We consider that anyone that knowingly lies about a child’s age is stealing from us, and also setting a very bad example as parents for their kids.  We don’t mean to get preachy here, but any group caught lying will be automatically denied our services, and will be refunded 50% of their reservation, and asked to leave our premises.

I’m pregnant, can I still take this trip?

Of course! We pride ourselves on the fact that EVERYONE can come down the river. SOAR’s are safe, comfortable and forgiving. Bring a strong paddling partner, and enjoy lounging across the tubes while taking in scenery.

How do we get back from the end of the trip?

We will be running our shuttle buses to return you back to our office at the end of the trip.

What size ice chest do you allow?

Maximum size ice chest we allow is a 45 quart